Travelling to every Commonwealth country

If you’re an avid traveller you may have noticed the trend of late of travel bloggers going on the quest of visiting every country in the world. Many of us have looked at a world map at least once in our lives and wondered what it would be like to visit every country and territory. There are many people who have done it now, which you can see at the Travelers Century Club. Each new blogger that attempts usually comes up with a unique angle to tell their story: “youngest British woman”, “oldest man to travel without flying”, and so on.

Of course to go on an epic travel quest you don’t have to make it as big as the every country challenge. Some people travel with a certain theme or quest in mind. One such quest would be to visit all the Commonwealth countries. Fifty-three countries are part of the Commonwealth and you couldn’t pick a more diverse set of countries. Nations of the Commonwealth represent all the continents (plus territorial representation in Antarctica), and range from the some of the richest to poorest in the world.

If you planning such a travel quest, part of your plans should be to set up a travel blog before you go. Get everything right so once you are on the road all you need to worry about is writing your stories and adding photos as you go.

In terms of quests there could be many unifying themes to your travels. How many of the Commonwealth countries play cricket? Is there a Queen Victoria statue in every capital city? Are there red phone boxes in every country? How well is English spoken?

A good example of a writer who went on a travel quest through the former British Empire was Simon Winchester, which he wrote about in his book – Outposts: Journeys to the Surviving Relics of the British Empire. While he didn’t visit every country he probably had a more challenging quest as he visited the most far flung islands (indeed there were outposts), many of which required required timing of sea travel.

Once you start travelling you may also notice that themes start developing as you travel. Maybe you notice there are some aspects of Commonwealth life the unifies all. Either way, you have lots of countries to choose from to keep you busy in your quest.

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